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Our Techs are the Low Pressure Roof Power Washing and Cleaning Experts in St. Mary’s County and Calvert County

Tired of looking at those dirty streaks on your roof? Our pressure washing experts can safely remove these stains and other harmful elements with our roof cleaning service.

Sil’s Clean on the Scene is Southern Maryland’s top roof cleaning choice for protecting the value and appearance of your home. Our cleaning will restore your home’s curb appeal and add years to the life of your roof. The buildup of these elements can cause shingles to prematurely break down. This damage can cause leaks, interior damage and costly repairs.

Roof Cleanng St Marys

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning St Marys

Is Your Roof in Danger?

The issue with a dirty roof is not only visually standing out — the algae and mildew growing on the roof can actually eat away at the shingles, resulting in a shortened lifespan for your roof.

Not only is algae a major concern, another concern is the possible damage over time from the algae eating “holes” in your roof, resulting in water damage. This takes place if the growth is ignored long enough and moss and lichen are allowed to flourish. A clean roof greatly reduces the risk of damage to the shingles, which can result in a shortened lifespan for your roof.

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A Clean Roof Saves Energy

Another unfortunate side effect of a dirty roof could be that it absorbs and holds more heat from the sun. This can potentially cause your energy bills to increase as the cooling system works overtime to combat the heat gain.

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Roof Cleaning After St Marys


Use the Best Process

Our process is 100% low pressure, safe and instantly effective. We guarantee same day results. Our process – the soft wash technique – is the one recommended by shingle manufacturers. It will also keep your warranty intact.

Your home’s roof will be treated with our detergent blend, expertly applied with a very-low-pressure pump and absolutely no pressure washer is ever used to clean your roof.

We offer roof cleaning treatments for both residential and commercial properties. All work is guaranteed. The techs at Sil’s Clean on the Scene are the pressure washing and roof cleaning experts in St. Mary’s County and Calvert County MD.

Client Testimonial

“Seth was very professional from working around my schedule, to giving a great estimate! He showed up on time ready to work and got the job done in a timely manner exceeding my expectations. House, sidewalks and driveway look amazing and will be calling him back next year! Highly recommend Clean on the Scene!!”

– Steven Doughty St Marys MD